Hello everyone,

New to Java and need some help concerning deployment of the JRE 1.6.0_19.

I have a silent package of the JRE 1.6.0_19 plug-in ready to go. I have included the basic command lines /lang=%LANG_ID% /s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress ADDLOCAL=ALL /L c:\sj160_19.log IEXPLORER=1 JAVAUPDATE=0 WEBSTARTICON=1 EULA=1". This I have no issues with.

My issue is that there are additional settings that I would like to change as part of my deployment to which I can't find either the registry keys or .ini files :(

The two settings (found in the Java Control Panel applet) that I would need changed are the following:

1. General (tab) | Temporary Internet Files | Settings "Keep Temporary files on my computer" I would like to have this setting unchecked.

2. Advanced (tab) | Security | Mixed code (Sandboxed vs.trusted) security verification | "Enabled - hide warning and run protrections" I would like to set this as the default.

How would you set these settings in a deployment package? I have no idea how to change these settings without first installing the JRE plug-in then start the Java Control Panel and then manually change the settings. This option is simply not a good idea for a company of 7000 users.

Thanks for your help in advance as any help is appreciated
and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section