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    Hey... I have massive problem.... I need to write a java progam, but I have no knowledge because I have never used it before... Could some body help me with this? This program is suppose to be written in BlueJ....:eek: If anybody can help me I will be really grateful...

    In light of recent footballer transfer excesses, the committee which runs the Alba 5-a-side Football League wishes to have a program written which can monitor the values and ratings of players and teams within the league. They have commissioned you to write a program which will allow them to be able to:

    1. Display information about a particular player.
    o On one line including the name and their value
    2. Display information about a manager.
    o On one line including their name and their age.
    3. Display all the information about a particular team.
    o This should include the team name, the manager’s details and then a list of the players and their details. You should also output a summary of the combined and average value of the team.
    4. Display all the information about all teams in the league (using 3. above).
    o Use whitespace to make reading easier
    5. Add a new team to the league.
    6. Add a new player to a particular team (if possible).
    o Remember that there is a limit on team size
    7. Remove a player from a team given their name
    o You may need to search through the team to check that the player exists before attempting a removal.
    o If you return the player removed as a Player object then you can use the object in a transfer (see below)
    8. Use the functions in 6 and 7 to transfer a player between two teams (if possible) given their name as a String.
    9. Display a “league” table of teams and their total value in descending order.
    o This involves sorting the teams – the method for doing this depends on which type of collection you have used.

    The information you require about the league is that:

    • The league consists of at least 6 teams (details in the fiule)
    • Each team has a name
    • Each team has a manager
    • Each team can consist of up to 7 registered players
    • Each player has a name and a value (in pounds).
    • Each manager has a name and an age.

    The league has information about the teams and the current players stored in a text file which they have supplied to you. The data in the file is in the form of the team name and the number of players in the team on a single line followed by the team manager and then each player and their value on separate lines. The delimiter in the data file is a comma.

    Using the data in the file you should get a league table as follows:

    Ellon Backs - Total Value is £13.40
    Banchory Giants - Total Value is £10.30
    Ferryhill Academicals - Total Value is £9.70
    Cove Bay Packers - Total Value is £7.10
    AFC Clatt - Total Value is £5.30
    Dunecht Dynamo - Total Value is £0.10


    You should design your classes and the collections used within them on the basis of the information that needs to be stored (inspect the data file before commencing this step). You are recommended to start with the simplest class and design and test it fully before moving on to more complicated classes.


    • Once a player, manager or a team has a name you should not be able to change it but other attributes should have appropriate setters and getters.
    • Test each method as you add it to a class!
    • You MUST provide evidence that the functionality in your classes have been tested (this is best done as a separate test class)
    • The numbered functions (1-9) on the first page are ordered by difficulty – you DO NOT have to achieve all the functionality in order to pass the coursework.
    • You have an open remit as to the functionality of your program, however credit will be given for solutions which show inventiveness.
    • You should design you solution so that you make best use of any object oriented techniques that you have developed during the course, i.e. your code should use appropriate classes for objects and collections of objects.
    • Credit will be given for code which includes validation of any data input.
    • Your application should be user-friendly
    • As you have an open remit, comments and correct indentation will be especially important as an aid to readability.
    • The code you submit should work – if you have added functionality which does not work comment it out and add comments to identify which parts of the code fail and how you tried to fix it. You should also include this information in your statement of compliance (see below). If you don’t do this then you will be penalised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 666 View Post
    Hey... I have massive problem.... I need to write a java progam, but I have no knowledge because I have never used it before...
    How strange; how come they hand out assignments to people who have no prior knowledge about the subject of the assignment? I'd turn it in empty again as fast as possible with a complaint.

    kind regards,


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