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    Default Need to create the archieved file for all generated log file using log4j


    Suppose we have defined following log properties:

    log4j.appender.rolling=org.apache.log4j.RollingFil eAppender
    log4j.appender.rolling.File=<log file path>

    This will generated the 10 backup log file with each size of 10MB . After all 10 files got generated i will overwrite the last one menas old log got removed.

    My requirement is after all 10 files got generated, i need to archieved these file and after again new files get generate. so that we shuold not lose the log data.

    Please let me know ,how we can achieved this?

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    this rolling file appenders can give you big headache in multithread part of you app. We could not handle them well so we decided to change approach.

    We use daily logging instead.

    If you don't log too many MBs in one day
    you may want to try it.

    This way you will have
    history of all your log files saved in daily folders.

    To test it run your app
    and change system date while app is running.
    You should get a new folder every time new date starts
    and loger continues to log in new daily file.

    Here is example and download link for src code
    if you decide to use this approach.

    Daily Folder Appender - CodeProject

    (registration is just 3 line form on this site before download :) )


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