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    Default Changes in code not showing up when running program!?

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a really strange issue with my coding. I'm using eclipse and writing code on one machine, then moving to another machine to test it (the other machine has drivers for a needed microcontroller that I'm testing my code with). Both machines are XP x86.

    It seems that when I move to the other computer, make changes, and run the program, those changes don't show up. It could be a simple System.out.println statement at the beginning of the program and it will act like nothing happened.

    Even when I move back to the original computer, the problem continues. And this does not just occur for that one file I edit, but applies to every file in the project.

    Has anyone ever had a problem like this??


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    Please describe your process in more detail. List all the steps you take each time you modify a source file. Don't leave anything out, or else you'll just get the advice "you left out step X."


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