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    Exclamation Open Source standard for Java applications


    I am going to code a navigation program in Java for my master thesis. The navigation program is supposed to control a robot. There might be other people who wants to develop the program after me, so I was wondering to code it in an open source standard format. I found spring but Spring is a standard for web applications, but mine is a Java application. I was wondering if any other famous Java application open source standard exist ?

    Thx for your help.


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    Spring doesn't have to be used on the web. The framework covers loads of things, most specifically the whole idea of building your app from parts that are then bolted together via spring setup files.

    In your case, I assume you are going to have a front end? I would expect the MVC part of Spring, wired into Swing rather than web things, would be of possible interest.

    Outside of that, I'm not too sure of other frameworks...I tend to do database work...:)

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