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    Default Please help me PLEASe with this question

    I want only the sort method ..... can u write it to me ??
    or please write help me with the main class(driver) ??:confused:
    Task 1
    A pay check: Write a class declaration for a Paycheck class.
    Include the following attributes (Data Members):

    Check # (String of 8 digits).
    ID number of employee receiving the check (String of 6 digits)
    Date of check. ( Create an object of type Date)
    Net pay (amount of pay before deductions).
    Tax amount
    Total allowances

    The (behaviours) member methods of this class should include:
    A constructor
    set and get methods
    A method to compute the gross salary
    A method to print out the check
    A method that counts the total gross of an array of Checks

    Task 2

    Write a Driver class to test the above class. Create an array of at least 10 checks and fill it using set methods.
    Your program also should include sort and search methods.
    Sort: should sort the array in ascending order according to the check#.
    Search: should pass the check# as an argument and search for it an array and print out the check if it is found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by javanew View Post
    I want only the sort method ..... can u write it to me ?.
    No, this is a forum. Not a place to get your assignments done. Put your effort and show it here first. Then we'll help you.

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    what have you done so far?

    you may arrange the array with respect to the chosen column ( datum ) since the elements is of objects that holds the data members

    Different Sort Algorithms animation
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