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    Question I have created a Java Chat Server, now where do i put it?

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum.
    Using NetBeans i have created a Java desktop application, a ChatServer, i packed the classes in a jar file and if i launch it on windows i can see the JAVA GUI opening and tracing all the incoming connection. The client is made in Flash, i have already tried in local and it works. I connect it to to access to the java server i have made.

    Now i want to put my ChatServer.jar online somewhere, so that i can use it with people outside my lan.

    What do i have to do? i have checked VPS or Dedicated server, but they are too expensive for a simple chat like this.
    There is something cheaper?
    I have bought a "Shared JVM" from but i am not sure if i did the right thing. i have no clue what is tomcat or what is a servlet jsp...

    Can someone explain me what to do?:confused:

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    Write an e-mail to Mocahost and ask them what to do.

    Because you use "Shared JVM" there are a lot of restrictions involved.

    First are network issues. How can clients connect to remote machine,
    on which domain/IP, on which port, firewall issues...

    You don't have web app so you don't need Tomcat.
    You just need remote machine with JVM on it, with such network configuration, that it is open for Internet access.

    But I don't know can they give this to you and in which form.

    so speak to them directly and see what happens

    good luck!

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    So the plan i bought is useless for what i need?
    is the private JVM good or do i need something totally different like a VPS?
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