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    Default JSP session query on page load

    How would one go about loading user content based on "user id" stored in a session attribute?

    I need to load jsp pages that uses database query using "user id" during page load. Correct me if you think there are ways to use servlet to execute session query to database without adding a request attribute when forwarding to jsp page.

    E.g. Calling books.jsp when user is logged in creates multiple database queries(create bean to use for page) based on session attribute data that then displays data on the jsp page.

    I hope this is not too hard to understand.

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    in your jsp page u can display user content based on stored attribute by 1st setting an attribute like "user_id" somewhere in your program, i usually do it in servlet like
    request.getSession.setAttribute("user_id", string_user_id);
    then use RequestDispatcher to forward to jsp page. to display the content on jsp page use this
    <%= request.getSession.getAttribute("user_id") %>
    if you have many data u can research JSTL to load data from your bean

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    Not quite the thing I was looking for because I need to create a bean based on user_id when the jsp page loads.

    I wonder if this approach will work: Load jsp page, if session is available, use RequestDispatcher to forward to servlet with hidden field to create bean and back again to the jsp page to useBean that is created.
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