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    Default Generic linked list

    I need to create a collection class which internally stores objects using a linked list. Should be implemented as a generic class capable of storing any reference.


    An exception class should throw at the client code in case of errors like deleting from empty collection or adding null object to list. This should have a private string memeber to contain an error message showing type of error. Contents set by set by class contstructor.

    Neeed to test program, create a class whose instance is stored in an object, created within test class.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    So in essence what you've done is to give us your entire assignment without asking a question, and I'm afraid that in this situation there's not much that we can do for you other than to direct you to a tutorial or two.

    I suggest that you post your best solution that you've created so far, and ask as specific questions as possible, and we'll be much better able to help. If you really have no idea how to begin here, then please have a look here: Starting Writing a Program. It's a well-written article that can help.

    Much luck

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