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    Default Graphics/animations etc. Where to begin?

    Hello all (Dont want to read? Summary at the bottom, Important questions and words are bold)

    I've been "spamming" the forums this month, sorry for that, but I want to get somewhere with my java-programming

    My goal is, with bad planning and all that, that until summer this year at lest know the basics of some way to make a game in java. Because after summer, do we have something called a "project" in school. That means that we might do anything, and document it good while working.
    I'm the most programming-interested guy in my class, but that's not an accomplishment ^^
    For a month or 2 ago, did we listen to the class above us (1 year older), and what the've done or been doing.
    There was 1 guy, that didn't know any programming when he begun. Our school gave him Java books that he started working with. But (we have the same books) after looking in the books, there are nothing about graphics.
    He proceeded onto C, failed again, and when he showed up the game he had made, it was a "simple" tower defence made in Flash..

    But, I'd like to do the game with programming, and, Java beeing the only programming language that I know, i'd like to do some kind of game in it.
    Add anothoer point: We have people in my class that believes that java is a dying language, that's unessesary.

    After reading around I've found out the following terms:
    Applets - Java games in browser, like flash
    Swing - Nothing to point out, mostly the windows and "stuff" that makes a (G)UI
    Java 2D - The way things are now, this seems to be something in interest ...

    If you think differently than me where to begin, please post that.

    I've done this in my learning trail:
    Java basics - In the provided school books
    Java: Working with files, I/O, arrays - Still school books
    I've gone through the first tutorials here: The Java™ Tutorials
    Then I saw that their Swing section was just about windows and frames, so I skipped that and wan't to proceed to someway to make for example:

    When someone presses a button (KeyListener), something moves.

    I haven't found out what Java 2D actually is yet, can anyone tell me or send any tutorials how to work with it?
    How I think a game in java is made:
    Some kind of JFrame where the images buffer over and over again?

    Summary: (This thread grew out of control in lenght)
    I wan't to make games (or let's call it animations) in Java. I know that there are applets, but I'd prefer doing something as a "standalone program".
    I've found out that there is something called Java 2D, and now I'm wondering what that is and where to begin learning to use it? (and if it's worth learning?)


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    Quote Originally Posted by PhHein View Post
    I don't know how, but i've seem to missed those O.o
    Thanks again

    But it would be nice if anyone could tell me if Java 2D is useable to make simple games?

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