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    Default find out the updated files in a web project

    Hi all,
    Is there any way to find out the updated files in a web project, i expalin
    the web project contains the jsp pages,struts.xml,web.xl,css,java files ,jar files etc
    i has the older one just one week older work space ,so when the updation done by others when not who ,time the updation has oocured and if where the updation has occured how can i identify it by java code,
    is there any java programe to chaeck those updation to the files in the web project

    i had used tortoise svn if any body used that you know how simple its like that,
    the problem is there will be a .svn hidden folder with the work that i had done so to avoid that and also those person who are familiar with svn will know for what purpose i had installed that in my sys,so i'm asking for simple java programme,

    i had heard that ant script will work only for the the updated files and let the others be no change ,so how the ant identify the file has no change for a week(imagine)
    i think ant is also a java programme so that how that ant scripting also has the answer to my query
    please give me a solution please

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    Check out the lastModified() method in the class.


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