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    Default It is possible in Strings..?

    I have a declaration of Strings:
    Java Code:
    String[] tempString = String[7];
    tempString[0] = new String("asdf");
    tempString[1] = new String("asdf1");
    tempString[2] = new String("asdf2");
    tempString[3] = new String("asdf3");
    tempString[4] = new String("asdf4");
    tempString[5] = new String("asdf5");
    tempString[6] = new String("asdf6");
    and nothing's wrong with that, but in I'm trying to run in commandline i have'nt got any error but the string is still thesame although i already change it when running in commandline..

    im trying to do this:

    when running in commandline i want to display in commandline instead of "asdf" in tempString[0] i want to display is another string like "me" for example:

    for example instead of "asdf1" in tempString[1] is another string to display like "hello"
    so on and so forth...

    is it possible.?

    any help..? please help me out with this..!!

    thanks in advance...

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