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    Default what do you know about Stripes?

    I've been reading about stripes, and its possible pros
    It says something like:
    1) minimuym external configuration
    2) improve the development and testing
    what do you know about it?
    Do you have any experience with it?

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    Stripes is pretty good it depends on what you need.
    I know that the online store for waitrose (uk supermarket) WaitroseDeliver : Homepage
    I haven't personally used it in anger but I have done a couple of spike solutions with it when investigating the correct technologies for several clients and it does seem to be pretty quick to pick up.

    I have certainly found it useful for spikes as by sticking to the simple conventions you can avoid quite a bit of config like you would have to do in, say struts.

    The best thing I would suggest is setup a really simple web app and have a play with it. That's the best way to find out if it feels right for the solution you are trying to provide.

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