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    Question How to separate return value ??


    From the below code if i want to separate the return value and print separately what should i do ?
    Java Code:
    public class TestValue{
    String print;
    public String calculate(double a, double b){
    double add=a+b;
    double subtract=a-b;
    double multiply=a*b;
    double division=a/b;
    print = "Total="+add+"\nSubtract="+subtract+"\nMultiply="+multiply+"\nDivision="+division ;
    return print ;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    TestValue tv=new TestValue();
    String st=tv.calculate(20,10);
    i mean i just want to print out subtract only or multiply only without changing the String 'print'

    Is it possible ??
    what we are thinking, it might not be true

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    You yould use String.split() to get the different parts of print.
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