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    Default arrays using doubles [SOLVED]

    This is my assignment:

    Declare and create an array of doubles called dailyTemperatures which holds a place for seven temperatures of type double.
    * Fill the elements of the array with values entered by the user

    This is my code:
    Java Code:
    		  double[] dailyTemperatures;
    		  dailyTemperatures= new double[7];
    		  for (double d = 0.00; d<dailyTemperatures.length; d++)
    		  			String t;
    		  			t = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Enter daily temperature values:");
    		  			dailyTemperatures[d] = Double.parseDouble(t);
    		        }// end for loop
    This is the error message i get "possible loss of precision
    found : double
    required: int
    dailyTemperatures[d] = Double.parseDouble(t);

    Nevermind. I have found my problem
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