I need to transfer an application that I developed for my company from Qt to Java. I have years of experience in C/C++ but I am relatively new to Java.

I am using Cay S. Horstmanns and Gary Cornells Core Java Volume I and II to get my self into the Java world.

My Question is. Is there a class in AWT or SWING or some other package that do the similar job as Qts QScrollView and QDateWidget?

To try to explain in Java programer terms.

QScrollView let the programmer put several JPanels inside the JFrame class in a way that only one is shown inside the JFrame. The selected panel occupies the whole frame. Every panel has index associated with it and by calling the method like scrollFrame.setIndex(wantedPanelIndex) the programmer can make some other panel occupy the whole frame. Programmer effectivly "scrolls" the panels inside the frame.

QDateWidget is a visual class similar to JSpinner that let user define a date in an easy fashion and the programmer to get and set the date property of the visual class with ease.

I searched the net but failed to find if the classes like this exist in Java. If classes like this are not available I will have to make some of my own to do the desired job.

I would appreciate any help you can provide. If I wasn't clear enough tell me and I will try to explain better. If I posted in the wrong forum section I apologize and ask the moderator to move the thread to appropriate section.

Thanks in advance.