Hello to all,

The point is that im doing now my coursework but I need to submit it in 2 hours and i still can't aswer these questions can u pls help as soon as possible i will be very thankful. In questions '????' means that i should replace it with answer

Question 1:
Provide code to replace ??? below that uses a conditional operator to give i the value of the maximum of two int variables x and y.
int i = ???;

Question 2:
Suppose my root directory C:\ contains a Java file Bob.java and a directory javaclasses containing library classes. If my command prompt is in the directory C:\, what should replace ??? in the command javac -classpath .;??? Bob.java so that the compilation will be successful?

Question 3 :
The partial answer below to question 24 will consider all possible divisors in determining if a number is not prime. Provide a for loop (i.e. a complete replacement for the 1st line below) that only checks for divisors that are less than or equal to the square root of n.

for (int i = 2; i < n; ++i)
if (n % i == 0) {
return false;