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    Default Creating a file "type"

    Hello I was wondering how you could make a unique file type (Example:.SGE) for your program and only your program. Thanks :)

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    i know there is a FileFilter interface that allows you to specify the conditions for which a file is matched by name, so that when you do a list directory for the files, then it will only show these files in the results. Swing has a similar mechanism. see also: JFileChooser: setFileFilter(FileFilter filter) : JFileChooser**javax.swing**Java by API

    Now if you meant an operating system association, such as in windows, where if there is a .SGE file on your desktop and double clicking this icon causes your java application to launch, i believe this is done somehow with setting file types for the open with. I don't even have windows, so am not sure how entirely to do that. but its not a Java / programming thing, but an operating system specific setup thing, if thats what you meant that is.

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