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    Default I would really need a good suggestion for sound package :p

    I am right now building a really fun "game" which will allow you to create your own symphony in 3D, wright their sheets and then direct them :)
    Sure this is hard, but I'v already made the sheet maker beta (it only got one note type XD) and I know how to make somewhat good 3d games with java

    Problem is, I suck at using java sound api.
    I cant figure out what does what in those stupid tutorials..
    Either they have 45 pages/line as documentation or they have nothing..

    I would be really glad if you could suggest a package that can do the following:
    -Use wav files
    -Edit wav files: Pitch, volume
    -Put together diffrent wav files at diffrent timings
    -Create new sound files (doesnt mather what format, only if it can reuse that format)
    -Split the sound file it just created into diffrent parts.
    -Ease of use

    Anything that could have these, or some of these, points included?
    Thanks for taking time helping me :)

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    Maybe you can see what's there for you in JMF.


    After download :
    JMF 2.1.1e Software install it and then go to this diagnostic page which will verify your install:

    JMF - Diagnostics Applet

    hope this will help!

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