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    Default Pls help me in solving this java question

    Pls help in the following, can you post the answer pls.

    Required to develop an application for a Fitness Club to determine the type of award to be given to the participants.
    Each participant of the club takes the programme in 3 different stations. They are given a score at the end of the programme at each station. This score can be converted to a grade based on the score chart given in table 1. Participants are given gold award if they scored ‘A’
    For all 3 stations, silver award if they get at least ‘B’ for all 3 stations, bronze if they get at least‘C for all 3 stations. Otherwise they don’t get any award.

    Score Grade
    80 or above A
    60 to 79 B
    40 to 59 C
    Below 40 D

    (a) Write a method that receives a score as the parameter, determines the grade based on the score and returns it. You may assume that score is an integer number.

    (b) Write a method that receives three grades as the parameters, determines the award based on these grades and returns it.

    (c) Write a method to display results of all participants nicely formatted as shown in figure 1 below. This method should receive as the parameters an array that contains the names and 3 arrays that each contains the scores for each station for the participants. You are required to make use of the two methods defined in parts (a) & (b).

    (d) Write a main() method that declares 4 arrays, where one is used to store the names of all participant and the other three store the scores for the three stations for all participant. Initialise the arrays with your own choice of data for about 5 to 8 participants. Make yourself as the first and last participants where your first name is used as the first participant and your full name is used as the last participant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunnoGUy View Post
    Pls help in the following, can you post the answer pls.
    No, we won't help you cheat.

    What you've done is to post your entire assignment without showing what work you've done, without asking a specific question, and that is not how to get help here (or at any forum). For one, we have no idea what you're having trouble with, so we won't know how to advise you. For another, if you don't at least try to solve what you can first, you're cheating yourself out a valuable part of your learning experience. And finally it suggests that you want someone to post a complete solution, which is against forum rules and life's rules.

    So please try to solve as much of the problem that you can first, then post what you've done using code tags (see my signature), and then ask a specific question. Do this and you'll have many folks willing to help you. I'm going to lock this thread, but I recommend that you start another thread and show your work if you want to approach this again.

    Much luck!
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