I am wondering as how all these sites (like this Expert-Exchange, hotmail, etc etc) works which are able to show all

kind of chars (KEEPING format) in your mail/postings. All these data are entered in the TextField (like this one,

where a I am typing this content), which goes to some database (like Oracle in mycase). And then they are able to

show the whole data back in some TextArea without any problem. I think if I start taking care of each special char

for me (like new line, ', " etc) then there could be no end for my code. I believe there should be some mechanism by

which whatever data you get from DB (Oracle) --> JSP Java String object --> HTML TextArea and Vice-Versa without

loosing any data and preventing the "Unterminated string constant". I believe that some sort of encoding and

decoding need to be done, but what those are? How all these sites do it.


<td><span><b>NOTES :-</b></span></td>
<td>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<TEXTAREA Name="notes" rows="4" cols="30"></TEXTAREA></td>


var notes=document.Form.notes.value;
notes = notes.replace(/\n\r?/g, '<BR/>');

and saving it in db...as string..
and again retrivewing from db:------
notes = resultset.getString("notes");
notes = notes.replace("<BR/>","\n"); <--- is it corerect?

and displaying in jsp:----
String notes =request.getAttribute("notes").toString();

upto here ok....when i am edittng that notes in jsp as below:--
<td><b>:</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;<html:textarea rows="6"

cols="30"name="searchPrfForm" property="fprofilevo.notes" styleId="notes"/></td>

here also showing correct ,..but when i was click submit button..it was showing error as unterminated string constant error..

on svae function:---
var notes=document.getElementById("notes").value;
notes = notes.replace(/\n\r?/g, '<BR/>');

plz tell me ..where i have to modify it?
how to display text with \n,\r in jsp from textarea?