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    Default Get all files in a project


    does anybody know how i can access all files within a project? Just go through all folders and all files codewise, and read them in a buffer or something, i just need the looping.

    Also if have an IResourceDelta how is it possible to only get the files with the complete name that have changed and not also packages? when you have this project setup:


    And you change the the visit function of IResourceDelta gives back that foo changed,, and changed. I only want to get the last one,

    Thanks in advance

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    Use SEARCH to find what you need on forum,
    those are very common questions.

    One of seacrh results:

    go ahead and find many others


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    Hi Fon,

    I think its better to forget my first post, since it only relates to the real problem.

    Once ive found all the files in the project i want to search through the files for certain patterns and then send back the filename and the linenumber where the pattern is found so i can place a marker (Yes its about plugins), thats why i also asked about the IResourceDelta.

    Anyway what is the best way to search through files and find certain patterns. I want for example find an @SpaceId annotation that is used on a setter. So once more...

    1) go through all files (Or all editted files in case of an incremental build (you get the deltaResource thing back with the changes to the project)
    2) Search for a pattern containing all setters on which the annotation @SpaceId has been set,
    3) Create a marker on that place (so i need the linenumber and the IFile )

    I'm hoping this can be done easily, but i expect to do some reflection...

    Greetz Michiel
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