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    Default Checkbox value passing to servlet

    Anyone knows how to pass checkbox values to servlets if they are checked?
    If anyone can give me some idea:
    for refrence i am attaching my code:

    WSRole[] role = getUserRoles(users);
    WSTask[] task = proj.getTasks();
    WSHumanTaskStep[] human = task[0].getHumanSteps();
    WSUser[][] user = getUsersInRole(role, users);
    for(int h =0; h<human.length; h++){
    out.write("<td></td><td bgcolor =#669933>"+human[h].getDisplayString()+"</td>");
    for (int i = 0; i < user.length; i++) {
    out.write("<td bgcolor=#cecef6>"+role[i].getName()+"</td><td>");
    for (int j = 0; j < user[i].length; j++) {
    out.write("<FORM method=\"post\" "+
    "action=\"/ws/ws_ext?servlet=GetUsersList&token="+token+"&users= "+users+"\"");
    out.write("<input type=checkbox name=users value="+user[i][j].getName()+"'<checked>");
    out.write(user[i][j].getName());//this data to be with all tabs
    out.println("<input type=\"submit\" value=\"Next &gt;&gt;\">");

    } catch ( e) {
    log.error("WRITING SOMETHING");
    return true;

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    HTML check boxes, I think, only should have the checked attribute if they are to be rendered as checked in the page when the page is loading.

    so your logic here should probably be
    Java Code:
    out.write("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"users\" value=\""+user[i][j].getName()+"\" />");
    to have the checkbox rendered as not checked
    (by the way, I like to make the HTML correct XHTML, using quoted values and closing tags, which as you can see quickly becomes a mess to do this in a servlet with all the "\"" business . so JSP is really a better medium to do the HTML templating, IMHO

    So to render a checkbox as checked when rendering the HTML from [the servlet], we would need to test if the checkbox should be checked, and render something like "checked" attribute, and for proper XHTML, we should also supply a value for this, e.g.


    I believe is the good way to do this.


    Java Code:
    out.write("<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"users\" value=\""+user[i][j].getName()+"\"  checked=\"checked\" />");
    When a checkbox is selected it will have each checked value show up on the request parameters, for example name=value1&name=value2 if there are two check boxes of value1 and value2 selected.

    But, annoying enough,when a check box is not selected there is no value on the request parameter when the form is submitted.

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    Are you also not allowed to use JSPs? Mixing Java code with HTML was discovered to be a bad idea back in 1999.

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    No i am not allow to use JSP pages for that i think i need to use JS when page render, also will need to work out a useful checkbox naming system so that tell which box is which.

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