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    Lightbulb browser and links


    Adjusted a browser I found in java - looks cool and works great

    As I am new to java I can't figure out how to load pages into the browser page.

    This is one of the buttons I would link my pages too and load them in to the same page - container?

    <ul id="myMenu" class="nfMain nfPure">

    <li class="nfItem">
    <div class="nfLink">Latest News</div>

    <dl id='mySub1' class="nfSubC nfSubS nfPure">

    <dd class="nfItem"><div class="nfLink">Keep up to Date</div>

    <dl class="nfSubC nfSubS">

    <!--<dt class="myTitle myTitleTop">Round 'n Round</dt>-->
    <dd class="nfItem"><a class="nfLink" href="javascript:void(0)">New Product - prd 1</a></dd>
    <dd class="nfItem"><a class="nfLink" href="javascript:setpath()">2</a>
    <dd class="nfItem"><a class="nfLink" href="javascript:setpath()">3</a>
    <dd class="nfItem"><a class="nfLink" href="javascript:setpath()">4</a>
    <dd class="nfItem"><a class="nfLink" href="javascript:setpath()">5</a>
    <dd class="nfItem"><a class="nfLink" href="javascript:setpath()">6</a>



    Thanx for any help - I looked on the forum but it does not make any sence to me at all.
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    Are you sure that you're not mixing the JavaScipt programming language with the Java programming language because I don't see how your post above has any relationship to Java. If you're looking for JavaScript help, then your best bet is to Google for an appropriate forum.

    Best of luck!

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    Your code is not clear. Is any of those div classes referring to button?

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