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    Default How to remove rectanlge box.

    I am going to store Enumeration in test file(notepad). After each sentence is over one rectangle box is coming. If any one have idea, how to remove that rectangle box.


    // twords is vector
    //tsenum is Enumeation
    //wstr3 is string

    FileOutputStream fw = new FileOutputStream(fileName);
    tsenum = twords.elements();

    wstr3 = tsenum.nextElement().toString() + "\n";
    byte buf[] = wstr3.getBytes();

    In the James Bond movie, "Never Say Never Again," a camera zooms up to a character to identify him by the unique appearance of his eye. (here one rectangle box will come) This image is converted into a digital code, which is compared with one already stored for that individual. (here one rectangle box will come)

    NOTE :
    I need to remove this rectangle box... (here one rectangle box will come).

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    Those streams should be used for binary data manipulation.
    Use FileReader and FileWriter for character data manipulation.

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