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    Default Pruning?? (N-Queens problem)

    I have been assigned a project to solve the N-Queens problem. Here is the problem page:

    I have half of the task done; my program solves the solutions without pruning. However, I haven't the slightest idea what "pruning" is in this case. I've Googled the term and all I get are ambiguous, unhelpful results.


    (BTW, this is my first post here :p)

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    From what i gather, if a permutation begins with 2 queens attacking each other (for example [1,2,...]), don't test any permutation that begins with this series, but go to [1,3,...], as to not waste cpu cycles on a test, that is surely wrong. Ofcourse, you don't check only the beggining of the permutation, this was just illustration of my example.

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