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    Default How to use delimiter in java

    Hello Friends,

    I want to use some demiliter functionality in a class i am writing. I have a path: /net/lock/vol/netsys/homes/asirohi/spins/7.1a/XN/server_install.xml, i want to delimit this String by "/" and get the 1st field and the last field. So the output should be: net server_install.xml..

    How do i go about, i need ideas or some example program.


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    Use String.split. It will return an array containing each token. Then you take the first and last elements from the array.

    Or you could create your own simple routine using methods from the String class. You use the indexOf() method to find the first occurrence of the delimiter and then substring(...) out the text. Then you use the lastIndexOf() method to find the last delimeter and substring out the last token.

    Either way you can start by reading the String API for methods to help you.

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