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    Default please explain multiple inheritence by an example lot of tutorial i checked but not

    hi any body please explain by pgm what mutiple inheritence is ????????

    and how can i change this pgm to java

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    class CPolygon {
    int width, height;
    void set_values (int a, int b)
    { width=a; height=b;}

    class COutput {
    void output (int i);

    void COutput::output (int i) {
    cout << i << endl;

    class CRectangle: public CPolygon, public COutput {
    int area ()
    { return (width * height); }

    class CTriangle: public CPolygon, public COutput {
    int area ()
    { return (width * height / 2); }

    int main () {
    CRectangle rect;
    CTriangle trgl;
    rect.set_values (4,5);
    trgl.set_values (4,5);
    rect.output (rect.area());
    trgl.output (trgl.area());
    return 0;

    using interfaces

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    1.Make CPolygon,COutput as interfaces.

    2.Dont define any method in the above interfaces in step 1. Just declare the methods
    ex: void set_values (int a, int b);

    3. Make class Rectangle to implement the above interfaces like this below:
    class CRectangle implements CPolygon, COutput {
    implement the interface methods here.

    4. For CTriangle also do the same thing as above.

    5. Finally create an object for the classes and call the methods.

    Still,if you are not clear go thru sun site.... always better.

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