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    Default how to edit lines.

    right now, im trying to edit the text file. however, all it does is overwrite over the original file. I want the string i add to be added to the original file. Is there someway i can do this?

    For example, the original text says "hi". I want to add "how are you to it", so it would say "hi. how are you."

    Code:(similar to before)


    public class FileAccess {

    public void displayFile(String f) throws IOException {
    FileReader fr = new FileReader(f);
    BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(fr);

    f = br.readLine();
    while (f != null) {
    f = br.readLine();

    public void writeToFile(String outfile, String s) throws IOException {
    FileOutputStream fs = new FileOutputStream(outfile);
    PrintStream p = new PrintStream(fs);
    thanks again.
    ps. srry for all these questions

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    Change your code to this
    Java Code:
    FileOutputStream fs = new FileOutputStream(outfile, true);
    The "true" tells it to append to the file instead of overwriting it.

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