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    Default Cast int to char

    Java Code:
        public void updateGrid(ListStack<Position> stack) {
            LinearNode<Position> trav = stack.getTop();
            int count = stack.size();
            //go through stack, apply position numbers to the grid
            while(trav.getNext() != null) {
                char val = (char) (count);
                grid.getMap()[trav.getElement().getX()][trav.getElement().getY()] = val;
                trav = trav.getNext();
            }   //end while
    Instead of printing a character value of count, all it prints is a blank line (or maybe ' '). I don't get why. Is that not the correct syntax for casting an int to a char??

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    Your code does this...

    // Get the length of this list and store it in count
    // Convert the number count to a character and store in val
    // Print the character stored in val

    Are you sure this is what you want to accomplish?
    Because lower character values are weird, some are just blanks.

    For example:
    Java Code:
    class Test {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        for (int i=0; i<92; i++) {
    	    char c = (char) i;
    	    System.out.println( i+ "[" +c+ "]" );
    (I don't see the goal of your code.)

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