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    Default constructor calling sequence.

    I have a doubt in following code.
    class Super
    Super(int x)
    class Sub extends Super
    Sub(int k)
    System.out.println("Inside sub class");
    class Main
    public static void main(String []args)
    Sub obj = new Sub(5);

    We have been told that before sub class constructor super class constructor runs.And if that does happen how come sub class constructor is supplying parameter to super class constructor.Also if we skip the whole constructor of sub class then compiler flashes error.

    Please help.


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    The super class constructor is called on the line super(k). If you don't have this line then it will call the default (no parameters) constructor of the parent. If the parent does not have a no parameters constructor then you'll get a compiler error.

    So, the constructor for Sub is called, which then calls the constructor for its parent (Super), before returning to the Sub constructor.

    There are some more steps to this, but that should do you for now.

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