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    JosAH's method was based on your original request for "how to sum all the even numbers < 100".
    He gave you the maths for doing that as a single sum.
    You're original request did not mention having to print those numbers out as well.

    If you have to print out the numbers and then the result then you may as well loop...if not, then you'd be better off using the equation given by JosAH. But only you know the requirements...we can only go based on what you post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigpips305 View Post
    I need the program to print

    2+4+6+8+10+...99 =2450
    bigpips305 could you please stop being a jerk on JF or nobody will ever help you. Directions are to sum all the even numbers up to 98. We are here to provide help and feedback.

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