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    Arrow need a loop to add new row(s)

    hi, i am trying to build a simple program where system asking info (name,age,sex & location) to make a table using do-while loop.

    for each info will create one new row in table that i dont know how to make..

    please help me...

    here, i made for one single row only:
    Java Code:
     public static void main (String args[])
    	String name, age, sex, location, ans;
    	Scanner scanner=new Scanner(;
     	do {
    	System.out.print("Name: ");;
    	System.out.print("Age: ");;
    	System.out.print("Gender: ");;
    	System.out.print("Location: ");;
    	System.out.print("Do you want another input??  YES / NO:") ;;
    	while (ans.equals("YES")); 
    		System.out.print("Here is the full data");
    	JFrame frame=new JFrame("TABLE");
    	JPanel panel=new JPanel();
    	panel.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
    	DefaultTableModel model= new DefaultTableModel();
      Vector<String> vCol = new Vector<String>();
    vCol.addElement("Name"); 	vCol.addElement("Age");  	 vCol.addElement("Sex");   	vCol.addElement("Location");
     Vector<String> row= new Vector<String>();
    row.addElement(name);        row.addElement(age); 
    row.addElement(sex);           row.addElement(location);
    Vector<Vector> vRow=new Vector<Vector>();
    		model = new DefaultTableModel(vRow, vCol); 
    		JTable table = new JTable(model);
         	JScrollPane	scrollpane = new JScrollPane(table);
         panel.add(scrollpane, BorderLayout.CENTER);

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