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    Default Using arguments to search for a string

    I'm trying to create a program that takes a string and different text files in the command line arguments and then searches those files for said string and returns all text lines containing it. A sample command line is:

    java Find [string] <file.ext> <file.ext>

    The code I have so far is below. I honestly am completely stuck in terms of putting more code in to even search for the files using the args. Any help is appreciated.

    Java Code:
     * @author: 
     * Purpose:  This program takes command line arguments, uses the first argument as a pattern string, and the rest of the arguments as
     * the names of files to search for this pattern string.  For each instance of the pattern found, the program will print out the name
     * of the file in which it was found, followed by a colon (:), followed by the full line of text containing the pattern.
    public class Find {
    	private static final int EXIT_NO_ARGS = 0;
    	private static final int EXIT_MISSING_ARGS = 1;
    	private static String pattern = "";
    	 * @param args - interpreted as follows:
    	 * 		args[0]  -  a search pattern (string)
    	 * 		args[1]  -  the name of a text file to search
    	 * 		  ...
    	 * 		args[n]  -  the name of a text file to search
    	 * If no command line parameters are supplied, or if args[1] is missing, the program will prompt the user for the missing
    	 * parameters.
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		// Check arguments
    		// Identify the pattern to search for
    		pattern = getPattern();
    		// Open the search files
    		// Search the files and print the results to the screen
    	private static void checkArgs(String[] args) {
    		if (args.length < 1) {
    			System.out.println("Usage: java Find [keyword] <file.extension> ");
    	private static void openFile() {
    		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
    	private static String getPattern() {
    		// TODO Supply to necessary code to implement this method
    		return pattern;  // This return statement will probably be changed

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    You might want to start by completing the checkArgs() method since that seems like a nice easy one.

    Do you have documentation/instructions saying what that method should do?

    If I were guessing I would say:

    (1) You should replace 0 with the corresponding static final int value. It's good style to use such a value.

    (2) You should complete the method so that it detects and returns the other exit value if there are arguments but not enough of them.

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    Default put the comments on top of everymethod what exactly its going to do.Automtically you will get the code flow.
    2.whenever u open a file,u should have method to close.

    Do post the code with code tag so that we can check where you are going wrong.

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