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    Default Adjusting function

    Hey, we have to make a program that adjusts a given function. First of all, we have to generate many points uniformily distributed along the [0,1] interval.
    They give us as a hint to use the

    Java Code:
    to do it, but it always give us an error.

    Which is the problem?

    By the moment we have:

    Java Code:
    for (int n = 3; n < 4; n++) { 
                double a = 1 + (2 * n); //function to adjust.
                double[] matriuX = new double[n]; 
                double[] matriuY = new double[n]; 
                for (int i = 0; i < matriuX.length; i++) { 
                    double b = (Random.nextGaussian()); 
                    matriuX[i] = b;

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    You're calling Random#nextDouble() and Random.nextGausian() as if they were static methods called off of the Random class. They aren't, and so you must first create a Random object, and then call the method off of this object.

    BTW, what is your exact error here(it's always a good idea to post it here)? Isn't it already telling you not to call the method as a static?

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