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    Default Public, private or (nothing) class

    For a class construction, when should I use pubilc, private or (nothing)?

    Many thanks!

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    The short answer is: Yes.

    The long answer is: use what is appropriate for the situation. Most of your constructors will be public, but not all, and in fact some will be private (such as enum constructors).

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    It depends on who or what is going to use the class. If everyone is going to use it, then make it public. If only subclasses and packages will use the class, then make it protected. If only the package will use it, use nothing. If only the outer class will use it, use private.

    Here is a brief tutorial on it: Controlling Access to Members of a Class (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Classes and Objects)

    EDIT: Fubarable beat me by two minutes. :(
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    Thanks to both of you!
    Special thanks to Lil_Aziz! Very clear explanations

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