Write a public instance method called advanceAllRacingFrogs() which takes
no argument and returns no value.
Provided that the race is not over, the method should advance each racingFrog
taking part in the race a random number of stones (between 1 and 3 inclusive) to
the right, one stone at a time. For example if all the racingFrogs are selected to run
in the race, racingFrog1 should advance between 1 and 3 steps first, followed
by racingFrog2 and then racingFrog3. However if advancing a racingFrog
causes it to win the race, the remaining racingFrog(s) selected to race should not
move. If the race is over the method should do nothing. To keep the code simple
the selected racingFrogs should move in ascending numerical order (even though
this gives an advantage to the lower numbered racingFrogs).
[To make the race fairer, the order in which the racingFrogs move should be
chosen at random since the one that moves first clearly has an advantage.
However you should not attempt to code this as it would involve a more
sophisticated use of random numbers than is relevant to what this question is

my code so far
public void advanceAllRacingFrogs()
if (racingFrog1.getSelected())

if (racingFrog2.getSelected())

if (racingFrog3.getSelected())