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    Default i dont understand why i cant run my program please help

    well first off i have net beans and i am creating the program hello world so i go to new file , java file class and name it hello then i am staring at the source page but when i have wrote the code for the program and click run it runs some other program called the anagram game that comes stock on netbeans i am so confused why is the run button stuck on running anouther program thats not even open why wont to run my program the one that is open

    wierd ehh

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    I suspect that you have another project selected as the 'Main' project. Right click on the project you are trying to run - then select the option 'Set as main project'. If you have more than one class with a 'main' method, you can select which one should run by right clicking on the project, selecting 'properties', selecting 'Run' and the clicking the browse button next to 'Main Class:' and selecting your main class. If both of these steps have been set to the correct project/file respectively, then clicking the Play (Run Main Project) button will result in the correct program running.

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    Default OR

    you could just simply run the program from the command prompt window, since its nothing complex.

    Or try something else like eclipse, its possible your just reverting to a default program and just need to set open the correct one from the menu.

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