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    Unhappy Java Aptitude Test

    :confused:I am new to this forum.I want smeone to help n this topic.I had attended some interviews for the post of Java developers(freshers)Seeing the questions I feel that I will not be able to solve those, since those includes source code and asks for the output.We prepare almost theoretically but the above mentioned are absolutely practical.I am that technically sounded.

    questions like 1. Find the output of the given code,
    2. Fine the error in the code
    seems really difficult for me.I know this is solvable only by practise(Practicals).I need to attend some interviews on coming days.So someone please try to provide some questions with answers of the mentioned type(Java-threading,inheritance, almost all topics)...........Please help.:mad:

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    To the OP, please do not multipost the same question in multiple fora. Thanks for your cooperation.

    I have locked the other thread.

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    Uhh, OP, you aren't going to get a job by simply memorizing suggested interview questions/problems. Why are you going after a job that you clearly aren't ready for? Even if you get the job, its likely that they will quickly discover that you are fairly inept. Your best bet is to look for a different job and study for a few months on your java, writing programs and reading.

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    If you can't answer the question (and bug spotting is quite basic, as is identifying the output of some code) it's quite possible you need to do some more revision.

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