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    so the biggest problem for my right now that i cant write code: GUI, first it should ask name (name should be between 2-15 letters, if not, it should ask again) if its correct than ask for age ( between 18-65)
    if there is an error it should ask again. could somebody could help me with this, or u know where i can found information

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    Well, please understand that we're not going to write code for you (except some idiots who have given you some exceedingly bad code). You must learn to write it yourself, since that's the object of your homework, and in that regard we are more than willing to help you. So again, get all Scanner code out of your new class, give it a try using JOptionPanes instead, and then post your own code if you're still having problems and let's work with it.

    Again, much luck.

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    It really doesn't matter which way you go.
    I disagree, while some users are cautious and careful some are not and unfortunately as programmers we need to cater for all individuals, it's better to learn and work out how to do proper validation now that putting it off for a later date.

    Like Jos commented "What if he/she does this!...."

    edit: I also think validation is implied here as the requirements for the homework seem to suggest validation.
    if there is an error it should ask again
    recursive statement
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