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    Default building a tokenizer

    Hey there,

    I'm trying to build a tokenizer to break up sentences in words. Now since I find it not sufficient to break up/split string on whitespace, I'd like to give it a few more arguments.
    Whitespace being one of them, but also dot followed by whitespace, question mark followed by whitespace etc. (But not a dot alone, since that can be part of an abbreviation for example). So it's actually a mix of (single) characters (whitespace) and strings (punctuation mark followed by whitespace) that I want to split on.

    so conceptually I'd figure it looks something like this:
    input.split("[", ", ". ", "? ", "! , " "]";
    but eclipse doesn't really like that...

    I've read the doc for string and pattern/matcher, but it doesn't really help me.
    Anybody here who could point me in the right direction?


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    I needed to do this when I wrote a compiler. I found that Java's REGEX package worked just fine, since I had a combination of whitespace and no whitespace, but needed regular tokens either way.
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