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    Unhappy html <textarea> problem

    <textarea wrap="virtual" name="activity_description" rows="7" cols="70"></textarea>

    for example I entered this message in my text area:

    "The quick.

    Brown fox.

    then i saved it to my database.. when i query and display it back the result would look like this:

    "The quick. Brown fox. jump"

    it doesn't retain the way the user entered the message, how do i fix this?
    my PostgreSQL db column is set to recieve "character varying" and i do "INSERT INTO activity_info (activity_description)
    VALUES (?);
    stmt.setString(1, bean.getActivity_description());

    i'm using java program so this problem is related to java :) and i think it's how my java program handles the message that needs to be fixed.
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    The text in your textarea are plain text and no html, so you must convert linebreaks.

    As example :
    "\n" -> "<br/>"



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