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    Default ClassCastException

    Java Code:
    public static Object[] extendArraySize(Object[] o) {
            Object[] extended = new Object[o.length + 1];
            System.arraycopy(o, 0, extended, 0, o.length);
            return extended;
    Java Code:
    Renamer[] renamer = new Renamer[4];
    renamer = (Renamer[]) extendArraySize(renamer);
    When running this, I get: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to [Lrenamefiles.Renamer;

    Why do I get this?

    Also, is it possible to pass a method as a parameter for another method?
    For example in the use for calculating integrals.

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    You can't cast arrays like that. This looks like a situation where generics might help.

    Better still: don't use arrays but rather the more flexible ArrayList which is already "genericized".

    Edit: generics don't work well with arrays in that you can't create a generic array since type information doesn't exist at run time. You're far better off using an ArrayList here.
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    your second question is can be solved by using interfaces
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