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    Default Text Format Error


    Hello, this is my first post here. I'm trying to complete a java homework assignment from school and I'm getting two errors that look like this-

    --------------------Configuration: <Default>--------------------
    C:\Users\Karen\Desktop\Micah\java\ 106: cannot find symbol
    symbol : variable Format
    location: class CollegeGPA
    System.out.println(Format.justify('l',name,19) + grade
    C:\Users\Karen\Desktop\Micah\java\ 106: operator + cannot be applied to Format.justify,int
    System.out.println(Format.justify('l',name,19) + grade
    The relative code to this error is this

    Java Code:
    104:	public static void printLine(String name, int grade, int hours, int points)
    105:	{
    106:		System.out.println(Format.justify('l',name,19) + grade
    107:		+ Format.justify('r',hours,8)
    108:  + Format.justify('r',points,10));
    109:	}
    Any ideas? Any help would be great! :D
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    What is the Format class that you are using and what does its justify method look like? I've not seen anything like this before.

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    Maybe I forgot to download a file from my school folder. Let me check, I believe it's from java.text.Format


    Haha, oops. I just found there was a Format.class file I was supposed to use as well. Thanks though!

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