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    Question help with JFileChooser

    Hi guys

    im new to programming and am not sure how to use everything yet.
    im using netbeans to write my code.
    what i need help with is i have started writing a program and i want to be able to use the JFileChooser in my code.
    What i want to do is give you my program so that u can analyse it and add the code while telling me what you have done and why, then send it back to me.
    if anyone is willing to help me i would be very greatful as i need to complete this project soon.

    if you are interested please give me your email address so i can post it to you.
    my email is

    thanks in advance.

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    Better post it on the forum. That's what the forum is for.
    Also you are best to test the code yourself and only post specific problems you are getting with the code.


    Aptimus Prime

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