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    Question I need some help in writing a method

    I need some help in writing a method called SelectRacers() which will run a loop until at least two RacingCars are selected or a message will displays stating not enough vehicles for a race. The instance variables are called racingCar1, racingCar2, racingCar3 and racingCar4. The method should display a dialogue box for each racingCar and if a racingCar is selected the value of its instance variable should be set to true.

    Any help will be most appreciated!



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    You first.;) Why not give it an attempt and then post your code here and any errors you may be having? This way, we'll have a better idea of what you are currently doing that works, what isn't working, and what specifically you need help with.

    Best of luck!
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    as the fubarable says..FORUM RULES first..SO go go go.make a code.
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