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    Question Problems with packages...

    I haven't some packages in Java, is it possible download and add them? If yes, from where?

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    usually, yes, it is possible to download them. There is no single repository of Java apckages extensions and add on API like PERL has for CPAN. there are some more recent efforts with maven repositories, but you would need to be into using maven build tool to take advantage of having these pulled down to your system, and thats a lot of things to grasp right away too.

    So for now, what package are you missing ? do a google search, it might come up with the name of the project that owns the package, for example, if my compiler sais it can't find "org.apache.commons.logging.Log" I do a search for this and find the apache jakarta commons-logging project, they have a web page with documents and a link to download a .jar file binary distribution (or sources too if I want), and then I can put this commons-logging.jar file into my classpath and am able to compile my stuff. or get on to the next error about the next missing package anyway..

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