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    Default Unexplained output

    hi!, i got some problem with my program , its like skipping a block of statement inside a method, heres the code
    Java Code:
    public class Sample {
        private static enum Option {YES, NO}
        private Scanner scanner;
        private int gameNumber;
        private static int DEFAULT_NUMBER = 10;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            Sample samp = new Sample();
        public Sample() {
            scanner = new Scanner(;
        private void start() {
            Option opt;
            opt = play(); // prompt the user if he wants to play the game
            setTheNumber(); // ask the user if he wants to set the game number
            while (opt == Option.YES) {
                // this is where the game take place
                // NOT YET IMPLEMENTED
                opt = play(); // this will ask the user if he wants to play again
        private Option play() {
            String input;
            Option op;
            System.out.print("Play? (Yes - y, No - n): ");
            input =;
            if (input.equals("Y") || input.equals("y")) {
                op = Option.YES;
            else {
                op = Option.NO;
            return op;
        private void setTheNumber() {
            String response;
            System.out.print("Set The Number: ");
            response = scanner.nextLine();
            if (response.equalsIgnoreCase("y")) {
                System.out.print("Enter Your Desired Number: ");
                int num = scanner.nextInt();
                gameNumber = num;
            else {
                System.out.println("Default" + DEFAULT_NUMBER);
                gameNumber = DEFAULT_NUMBER;
    the out put is this
    Java Code:
    Play? (Yes - y, No - n): y
    Set The Number: Default10
    Play? (Yes - y, No - n):
    the program should be like this.

    //ask the user if he wants to play
    // ask the user if he wants to set the number, if not use the Default_number

    but the problem is its skipping the method setTheNumber() and immediately goes to the loop where the game will take place..

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    Better make it
    Java Code:
                    System.out.print("Set The Number: ");
    		response =;
    instead. Otherwise it's going to look for the \n.

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