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    Default Working with Files in Java

    Hi all,

    I have been working with java for my latest assignment and I ran into some problems while working with files. I need to access a file, word by word but I also want to know when I moved from one line in the file to the next. I don't want to store the entire line in a String and then access it word by word since the amount of data on a single line may be large. Is there a way for me to access the file word by word and still be able to know when a new Line has occurred?

    I am currently using scanner and the delimiter by default looks for white spaces so I am getting the content word by word, but when it finishes reading a line, it just jumps to the next one.

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    what you can do is read the line by line using hasNextLine(), but then when you grab the line, split it up using split() which gives you a string array of every word. you can use delimeter if you want, but it can be problematic.

    Java Code:
    Scanner inFile = new Scanner(new File("data.txt"));
    String inStr;
    while (inFile.hasNextLine())
        inStr = inFile.nextLine();
        String[] splittedString = inStr.split();
    // now you have a String[] array called splittedString of the current line

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