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    Red face struts installation on eclipse?

    i have developed a small web-based application using MVC framework, now im studying struts 1 and want to begin practice so i downloaded struts 2 version i got 4 folders apps, docs, lib and scr. inside apps i found some .war files which then i imported to eclipse.

    1.) i run struts2-showcase- but i see some debugging text from my console (im using eclipse 3.4.2, tomcat 6, up to date java) here are samples of text that displayed on eclipse console ===>>>

    .2009-12-27 21:22:08,519 DEBUG (org.apache.struts2.components.UIBean:57) - Rendering template /template/xhtml/hidden
    2009-12-27 21:22:08,519 DEBUG (org.apache.struts2.components.template.Freemarker TemplateEngine:57) - Rendering template /template/simple/hidden.ftl

    is this debugging text just normal? they seems to be annoying on eclipse console everytime i test the struts project or are there things i need to do with my eclipse than just importing the war files and running it?

    2.) the downloaded lib folder has .jar files, do i manually drop all of them to my new struts project's lib?
    3.) the src folder has apps, core, assembly, src, plugins folder and pom.xml.. what do i ddo with them also?
    4.) the imported jsp files have html tags that are having errors like "missing start tag" or "missing end tag" for <p> and </p> but when i look at the html code both start and end tag are present.. its like the ide just can't see it. how do i fix it?

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